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Monday, December 13, 2004

Every Time the Rockets Lose an Angel Gets Its Wings

I really enjoyed getting to watch the Mavs/Rockets game Sat nite, having no cable sux - won't see another TV game for two weeks. I haven't missed watching the Mavs too much so far because they really haven't been entertaining at all during the few broadcasts I've managed to catch. However, that Mav team that beat the Rockets was fun to watch. I might have to figure out a way to see more Mavs games if Fin's return and DA's addition means entertaining hoops again.

The Rox game might be the first W this season that Dirk didn't primarily win -- Fin was on fire. He showed intensity and leadership, loves me some Fin. One time, Houston was setting up to inbound the ball on the side and Fin noticed that nobody on the Mav bench had called the defense out. Fin SCREAMED at the coaches for help and got the team set up defensively - nice leadership. Watching what Fin added, I found it a bit sad that the Mavs' most court savvy player now is perhaps Michael Finley. That's just another thing Nash's departure cost the Mavs - court savvy.

Darrell Armstrong looked like he'd been with the team forever - he stays very attentive and gung-ho - has decent savvy and guile. Comparing his play against the Rox vs the laziness of Terry and the ignorance of Harris in garbage time was eye-opening. Between DA's fine play and Terry's competence off the bench, I'm not quite sure what Don Nelson is doing running Marquis Daniels at PG so much. NBA coaches can be stubborn - everybody but Hubie knew his minute management needed tweaking - everybody but JVG knows that Yao is being wasted in his crap offense - everybody but RudyT knows a one-man show ain't gonna go nowhere. Same with Nelson - Daniels at point should be an emergency, Dirk should get a quicker rest in the 2nd Q, sometimes Bradley should be on the court more, Jerry Stackhouse should only play heavy mins if others are cold or unavailable. Stubborn I tell you.

The Mavs ran a new play with DA at PG - never seen it before. DA starts at the left wing, Josh distractingly loops around the key and down to the left baseline, and Dirk and Damp BOTH line-up to set a devastating high double pick as DA rolls right across the top of the key. Then Damp dives toward the hoop and Dirk and Josh flair. DA can hit any one of them or take it to the hoop if the waters part. Nice stuff, don't recall Nelson ever running this set before. Rockets looked lost defending it. I don't recall Terry running this play - they mostly just did high screen and rolls for him - back and forth until he could rub off his defender enough to worry the help defence into leaving somebody. Nice win, just looooove to see the Rockets lose. You know that warm little glow you get every time you swat a mosquito? I get that same feeling every time a Rocket shot clangs off the rim.

Moving on ... it seems some Canadian guys got together with some German guys and came up with a hoops board game. Dirk is their major endorser. The game is called Crunchtime, it'll set you back about $40. BTW, that's clearly a foul -->

Ever get the feeling that maybe you're just a little too liberated, just a little too free to pursue happiness as you choose it? Do you feel an emptiness in your life that only mental and emotional shackles would fill? Well, let Jackie Christie help you out.

The Texas Rangers signed FA OF'er Richard Hidalgo over the weekend. The Transaction Oracle thinks it was a much better signing than the Dye signing. If the Rangers could snag Delgado now it would make me a happy man.

Next Spring a brand new soccer stadium will open in Frisco. The 2005 MLS Cup is already on the stadium's schedule. WC qualifying and major international matches have been attracted by it's construction as well. Very nice, bet the FC Dallas boyz are gonna be pretty happy with there spiffy new 20,000 seat home turf. Check out some architect renderings.

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that jackie christie bit made my week. hil-freaking-larious

December 13, 2004 at 5:16 PM  

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