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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Flights of Fancy

This is the Mavs' team plane. I saw where Manchester United flew it around the U.S. during their 2003 pre-season exhibition tour. They seemed to appreciate the headroom. LMF oughta rent that muthah out just once a summer to treat his regs to a long weekend in Fiji or something. Cheapskate.

Over the 10 games leading up to the Seattle home loss the Mavs def FG% was .443. Over the last 5 of those games their def FG% was .460. Seems like a pretty odd time for the DMN's Eddie Sefko to write:

"Defense making the grade: The Mavericks have a goal of holding opponents under 42 percent shooting for the season. They aren't quite there yet, giving up 42.7 percent through 20 games. But it's a major improvement on last season's 45.9 percent. And it's showing up in how the Mavericks are winning."
Understand that Sefko spends beaucoup time amongst the team. He sees tons of stuff most fans can only dream about. After all that quality time the best he can do is this? Amazing.

Since Dirk returned from his brief ankle injury he has averaged 30.4 pts and 11.8 rebs per game. He set a franchise scoring record against Houston and his 34 points on the tundra turned KG's tears into post-game whine. Awesome, right? Well ... for these 8 'post-sprain' games Dirk is shooting .411 from the field, including a woeful .308 from the arc. C'mon Franz, his stats are warped by one bad game against Detroit. Okay, I'm sorta with you there. Lessee, take out his Piston clank-fest and he shot .436 from the field and .364 from the arc. Meh. He shot a respectable 8-17 vs Seattle, but is leaning so hard on Dirk turning him into a 7-foot Allen Iverson? Worth keeping an eye on.

Staying with the AI theme ... picture a corn-rowed tattooed Dirk discussing losing the Canadian hairball: "We talkin 'bout Raef-money. Not a max-out. Not a max-out, but Raef-money."

I have yet to viddy Darrell Armstrong in a Mav unie. Darrell is so gangsta.

Nobody shoots like me. Not Dirk Nowitzki, nobody. I know nobody can do the things I do." Easy there, Sparky.

Got Milk? Is it just me or is there something a little amusing about Jon Steffanson having Oggy Askrabic as a teammate?


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