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Friday, December 10, 2004

Perspicacious Prevarications

If you've wondered what some of the Internationals drafted recently are doing overseas, well, then you oughta at least scan this list. Two things that popped out at me were that the freaking Spurs' boy, Luis Scola, is getting 17 pts, 8.4 rebs for a supposedly stacked Tau Ceramica team ... sigh, the rich stay rich. The other thing was that, for some reason, I've been working under the impression that that Sasha Vujacic guy on the Lakers was Yugo star Milos Vujanic. Wrong. Anyway, the list is supposedly up-to-date and worth a scan.

The Mavs have played 21 games so far. FWIW, going by Sagarin, 8 of those games came against the top 6 teams in the NBA besides the Mavs. They went 3-5. Eh, so-so, but it looks better if you consider Dirk being out injured probably cost them a loss to Minnie. Sagarin ranks their schedule as the 5th toughest to date. Between the schedule getting easier, Fin getting healthy, Armstrong replacing Harris and Damp/Terry/Stack getting acclimated maybe there's reason for hope in the coming weeks. After Houston Sat nite we face 5 dogs in a row. 5-0 would impress me. Turning around the spiralling team FG% differential trend would REALLY impress me.

So, Sefko mentions that Dirk is on a postage stamp but doesn't provide a link. Nice. I give because I love. Kinda cool, until you notice that Adonal Foyle has his own stamp, too. Who remembers the last Mav LEGEND to have his own postage stamp? Heh. Speaking of Adonal Foyle, Q: what do you give a 7-year vet center with a career total of 20 double-doubles? A: 6 years $41.5M ... dag, yo. BTW, Damp has a total of 107 career double-doubles. What a bargain at only 7 years $73M. sigh...

I'm a fan of high-level mountaineering. The Washington Post has a long but interesting article about a tragic death that occurred a few months ago on Mt. Everest. Use my BugMeNot link to access it. BTW, climbing the 8000M+ elite mountains has become so routine for some of these idiots that their next project is climbing them all DURING THE WINTER. Morons. I suggest lots and lots of hot chocolate.

Decent read about a guy whose daily workout routine includes more than 1,600 shots at the basket ... from a wheelchair. I think I saw this guy play during the Mavs' pre-season not too long ago. Nash on wheels he was.

Followed my nose and found some pretty bodacious photos of Tiger Woods putting on a show for some A-RABS. You gotta see these pics. [brought to you by 250 lbs of twisted steel, AKA mooseman]


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