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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Sky: Falling?

Granted, the Mavs are missing Finley, but ... over the last 10 games they are 5-5. Their scoring differential is -2.3 for that span. Gulp. I fear that what we're seeing is what we will be getting for the rest of the season. Over this 10-game span ...

  • defense is up from last year - 14th in the league - but at a horrible cost to their vaunted league-leading offense, which could merely manage a putrid 19th in the league.
  • ...they're 26th in shooting %, and are showing themselves to be merely average defensively at 15th in def FG%.
  • ...they're average FT shooters, average rebounders, league worsts in 3-point % and assists/game.
  • ...they're decent at stealing and blocking shots, good thing since they can't take care of the ball.
And they managed to do this with one of their players playing at an unbelievably high level over this 10-game span - Dirk.

The Mavs are a mediocre team, the record and stats over the last 10 games show that. Fin's return will help, especially if it means Stackhouse is benched, but I doubt he raises them outta the middle of the pack. The Mavs are currently 5 games over .500 - I'll take that right now after 82 games, it would probably mean a playoff spot. But if Dirk or Fin get hurt again for any length of time ... then it's lottery time, that is if they had a pick in the draft.

Millions dumped into a moody inconsistent 30-yr-old center with horrible hands. Jamison traded away for a selfish moron who can't shoot and a BUST of a 5th overall pick - I'm watching Luol Deng in the boxscores and wondering 'what if?' Cuban suicidally refusing to give Nash Raef-money. Fin's health apparently starting to decline. Josh still needing a shooter's touch. Big money dumped long-term into his twin - a sleepy-eyed inconsistent undrafted combo guard with a perpetual limp. All coached by a guy so unconcerned with doing his best that he threw Golden State's 3rd string PG last season out there against the planet's hoop standard from San Antonio to coach instead.

Ugh. IMO, Cuban has always shown HORRIBLE judgement in public. My fear was that this horrible judgement would translate into ruining my favorite team behind the GM's office door. Granted, I'm painting an overly pessimistic picture, but I'm wondering if Cuban is starting to give Mavs fans exactly what they deserve for trusting him.


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