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Monday, December 06, 2004

Vonteego, Where Art Thou?

For some reason, Vonteego Cummings thoughts passed thru my head just now. So I googled him. Vonnie's playing for Hemofarm over in Yugoslavia. Isn't Hemofarm where Darko played? Anyway, he's getting 11.6 pts and 28 mins per game. There, you can rest yer pretty head now that you know that.

Speaking of Darko, the Detroit News has a write-up about how he's actually starting to show progress. He even got 14 mins in the Pistons rout of Miami this weekend. The article gushed enough that I checked the boxscore - 1/5, 2 pts 1 reb. Wowee. I'm sure Bruno Sundov got a similar write-up in the Dallas press back in the day when he was slinging a towel over his head way down the Mav bench. Actually, it occurs to me that Melo's moronic ways have actually cracked a window of opportunity for Darko to shut some people up about what a disaster it was to draft him 2nd. All he has to do now is progress enough to get meaningful minutes. Maybe next year ... by then Melo should be in the penitentiary, leaving the window WIDE open.

I finally got to see the game where Dirk scored 53 pts against Houston. The word/feeling I got watching the game was 'lonely' -- which is how Dirk must feel on the court sometimes knowing there literally isn't a hoops peer within the galaxy. Holger was right - Dirk has virtually got to throttle back his game at times or his teammates can't keep up. The Mavs really need to learn how to play off him better or he's gonna spontaneously combust right on court someday.

If you told me that when Fin gets back I'd never see Stackhouse again I'd take it. Don't worry about a trade, addition by subtraction. Give him to the Spurs for free and watch him bring them back down to earth.

Jason Terry is lazy. Daniels is in a neutral limp. Damp played great in the Houston game but sucked against the Spurs - up and down is his M.O. though. Josh shows flashes but he's a sophomore. Fin really needs to help Dirk out when he returns. I didn't see the Utah game, but the Mavs' 'best' performance to date came against a desperate road squad in a downward spiral. Nice, but lets try to look like we're turning into a machine, can we guys?

One problem is that nobody but Dirk 'wins' games really. Damp can clog up the middle most games enough to prevent an opponent from 'owning' the paint - good, yeah, but it doesn't 'win' games. Stackhouse has 'helped win' about 3 games so far - disappointing to say the least. The PG's don't 'win' games around here - Terry had nice stats vs Utah - but I can't judge what I didn't see. Daniels can't 'win' games if he's limping. Josh is the closest thing, and he does it by being the only one who can actually match Dirk effort-wise. Dirk 'wins' games.

Our PG's don't win games. Our paint play doesn't win games. Our 3-point touch CERTAINLY isn't winning games. Our passing isn't winning games. Nellie ain't winning any games.

is winning games. ONLY DIRK. I don't like that. Not at all.